Acclaimed Albums – Abbey Road by The Beatles

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 96/250Beatles_-_Abbey_RoadTitle: Abbey Road
Artist: The Beatles
Year: 1969

The final album by The Beatles. It’s a bit of a landmark for this album list. Granted, I gave them a bit of a fast pass. Still, here we are with Abbey Road.

As regular readers will have gleaned I am not the biggest fan of The Beatles. There are some albums, like Sgt Pepper, where I can honestly say that I both get and enjoy their music. The problem that I have is that for every song I enjoy on most albums there are those which just feel that bit too twee.

I have exactly the same issue with Abbey Road and is epitomised in the first tracks. ‘Come Together’ and ‘Something’ are good tracks, the latter being fantastic. The you get ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’. I know that there is something dark at the core of that song (like the musical equivalent of the Dexter opening sequence), but the arrangement is just too cutesy for my taste.

Then we get to ‘Oh! Darling’ which is a bit of a throwback to the 1950s in a good way which is followed by whatever ‘Octopus’s Garden’ is.

Until the medley (again, what is ‘Mean Mr. Mustard’) in the second half of Abbey Road this is pretty much the pattern across the album. Some of the tweer songs work better than others, for example ‘Here Comes The Sun’ verges on the twee, but I can hear Nina Simone’s version as it plays which is of benefit. Also, it’s a sweet song without going into crazy or saccharin.

Weird to think, that unless I decide to extend this 250 to 500, this will be the last time I listen to a Beatles album for the bucket list. Maybe I should have spaced them out a bit more as it feels a little early to be done with them. Then again, since seven albums I looked at have been tossed out of the top 250 (with a few more likely to go this year) I am conscious to try and clear through the top 100 before I get into riskier territory.

Note on the TV challenge: Since I am sharing it with my husband, and I am vastly ahead of him, we are going to start with a bit of catch-up as I finally have a chance to make him watch Gilmore Girls. So I might have prematurely put that list up on here…


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