Good Eatin’: So I Gutted A Lobster

I hate jetlag. It’s almost been a week since we landed back in the UK and my sleeping patterns are still shot to crap. I’ve given up any hope of continuing with my current book (the rather lengthy Tom Jones) until my body decides to stop trying to wake me up at 4:30am.

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Food item: Lobster with Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

Apart from one time in a restaurant where everything was pre-cracked, this was the first time that I have had to extract meat from a lobster. I probably should have taken my wedding ring off for this as the next day I got the occasional whiff of lobster when I was messing with my glasses. Also, when you are jetlagged and reality feels a bit wonky… the surreal factor of de-meating a lobster gets turned up to 11. Did it just move its antenna? Are those a bunch of little feet under the tail? Turned out it was a lady lobster in the end, at least I think that’s what all the red balls in the abdomen indicated.

So we actually bought this lobster pre-cooked and frozen at our local Iceland. It’s part of their recent drive to be more Joanna Lumley and less Kerry Katona. They are also going red snapper at the moment, grabbed some for later list cooking whilst it was still available.

Still, this is lobster from Iceland, so maybe this wouldn’t be the best time to try out my thermadoring abilities. So, I fried the meat with chilli and garlic then cooked in a bottled black bean sauce. It was a really good match of flavours and I wish I had bought two lobsters in order to have made this a more substantial dinner. But, you know, money.

Food item: Forbidden Rice

Now, I recently worked out that I have done this previously as it is down in the original 1001 book as purple rice. So I am taking this opportunity to tick it off now.

Food item: Meatloaf

From something that feels super classy to something a lot more simple. Mum made meatloaf. Gutting and eating a lobster is all well and good, but there is something cosy about eating classic comfort food.

Food items: Greek oregano and Bolognese Meat Sauce

Right, now I know that I have made spaghetti bolognese before on this blog. It’s just one of those that is so common that it didn’t really twig that it would be something that I could tick off from the food lists.

It is for this same reason that Cornish pasties, dates, apricots, tangerines and satsumas are yet to be covered. They are just so commonplace that I forget to photograph them.

Anyway, the bolognese I made was a pretty standard one, except for the addition of Greek oregano. It looked like regular dried oregano, but apparently it is a different species of plant when compared to regular/Italian oregano. I could not tell that much of a difference in taste, but it definitely had a far stronger smell (I’d say ‘pungent’, but that has negative connotations).

I think I need to experiment with the Greek oregano a bit more to see what it can really do.

Progress: 782/933


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