My Penguin Party

I am going to start out this post by saying another (now 5 months later) big thank you to my Maid Of Honour/Best Woman Prerna for organising by bachelor party or, as we called it, penguin party.

IMG_1972List Item: Have a bachelor party
Progress: Completed (Added by Prerna)

So I had no idea where we were going. I’ve never had a surprise party, so this is probably the best time to have something that is basically a surprise. Starting after work on the Friday I was whisked away to an Airbnb in Didcot Parkway. It was such a lovely house with a nice array of breakfast supplies (a lot of jam) and, for some reason, a Bob The Builder jigsaw puzzle.

After we arrived at the house, scoped it out and bought pizza supplies from the local Sainsbury’s, I was informed of what I would be wearing during the weekend…

IMG_1944List Item: Own and wear a onesie
Progress: Completed

I have to say that I love my new penguin onesie. Not just because it is fairly slimming, but also because it was so warm, so soft and it even had a tail. There may have been a slightly weird moment when I asked what the zipper at the back was for and started to unzip it at the dinner table before realising what I was doing.

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksFood item: Rioja

With dinner there was, of course, some wine was involved (for everyone else, since I don’t drink). It just happened that the wine that they randomly picked was also a list wine. It then turned out the corkscrew that came with the house may not have been the sharpest, or the uncorking was messed up. Either way – the cork started flaking and we couldn’t get it out.

Some vicious stabbing with a knife and a cafètiere later  – we had Rioja in a measuring jug. Who said we weren’t a classy group right? Still, I had a sip of it and, to me, I could tell it was a nice enough wine… but I don’t know anywhere near enough about wine to start talking taste in relation to other wines.

The next morning comes around and I get introduced to this bucket, containing items from my bucket list that we are going to do during the day (thanks to Tammy for coming up with that). Not only did it make for the perfect day for me, but also means I can share some photos on here.

Food items: Champagne and Buck’s Fizz

List Item: Try Champagne
Progress: Completed

Champagne for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do. Then dilute it with some orange juice to make everyone Buck’s Fizz? Sure why not. Freak the fuck out trying to uncork a bottle of something fizzy for the the first time? Not as scary as I expected.

Now this isn’t to say that I have NEVER had Champagne before (I have been to weddings), but when I made this list the whole point was for it to be a general bucket list that anyone could do. Then I made this blog and added other lists to the mix, with some more to come.

I enjoyed having a Buck’s Fizz for breakfast, it made things feel even more festive. Also, just how cute are the penguin scrolls.

Progress: 725/933

IMG_1945List Item: Have a movie marathon
Progress: Completed

For a movie lover I am surprised in myself that I have never had a themed movie marathon. Thanks to planning between my (now) husband and my Maid of Honour we had plenty of Studio Ghibli movies to choose from. So throughout the day we watched five of these: The Cat Returns, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro and then Spirited Away to finish.

I think of the five of us I was the only one who didn’t take a nap at some point (which I won’t link to the quality of the films because they are all brilliant), plus I think I have managed to convert some more people to the wonders of Ghibli and Miyazaki.

12063312_10153179838643603_938486523502708147_nList Item: Cook with Friends
Progress: Completed (Added by Prerna)

I’m a kitchen control freak. My husband and my mum have both seen this in me. So, I made sure I was on my best behaviour as we made our movie marathon lunch – quesadillas with celery, tomato and yellow pepper. We got a great conveyor belt system going too. For mostly improvised quesadillas they tasted really good, especially with a bit of extra hot sauce!

List Item: Make fudge
Progress: Completed

I was unreasonably excited about this one, especially since it means that I now have my very own sugar thermometer (I know it’s dumb to be excited about that, but I have wanted a proper one for years). In the pack there were three flavours: after dinner mint, mocha choca and Eton mess. Since it sounded the nicest, we went for the Eton mess fudge.

Now, the reason that I have always wanted to make my own fudge is because I know that there are a number of different techniques in the process. I mean sure, it isn’t as complicated as making a croquembouche, but it requires a bunch of techniques (like creaming) that I had never used before.

I have to say that for a first attempt, this fudge turned out really well. I think I was a bit conservative with the temperature of the sugar because it was a bit grainier than usual fudge. It means that next time I can be a bit more daring and let it properly bubble.

Also, just how good is warm fudge? It is so much nicer warm than when it has gone cold!

So right now, as I am writing this, it is the evening after coming back home. I may have had a nap and shown off my new penguin onesie to my (then) fiancé. I’m pretty much falling asleep at the laptop so will cut it off here.

I just want to conclude with another huge thank you to my friends for coming and making this penguin party something I will always remember.


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