Good Eatin’: Avgolemono and Currywurst

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

A bit of a mixture in today’s blog entry. A post that is book-ended by two rather different meals. The opener, the first soup that I have made in ages; the closer something a bit simpler but still very satisfying.

Food item: Soupa Avgolemono

This really was a case of picking a random dish in the 1001 Foods To Die For book and seeing if I would be able to make it. It doesn’t always work that something is makable (I am going to have some serious issues with the dishes in the ‘Mongul Feast’ section), but this time I got to a Greek soup made with egg, lemon, orzo and chicken.

There are some recipes that call for hours of preparation and cooking –  who has time for that on a Wednesday evening? Instead, I opted for a ‘weeknight’ recipe that only takes 30-40 minutes. Like the recipe says, this is tangy and (weirdly) silky. The only part that I had a bit of reservation over was the tempering of the egg-lemon sauce. It goes against everything I’ve learnt when making stracciatella soup.

Food items: Guacamole and Salsa

Stop it. I know what you are thinking. In my defence, I have made my own salsas and guacamole in the past. It’s just that I wanted an easy win when making some chicken wraps. I mean have you tasted the Tesco nacho cheese dip? Gorgeous man!

Like with most foods, you get when you pay for with salsa and guacamole. This is especially true with guacamole where most instant versions overdo the onion and spice to cover for avocado that is past its best. If in doubt, just make your own.

Food items: Rum

I don’t drink as a rule, but I like to give things a try if my partner has them. He made himself a rum and coke (okay Pepsi Max, but that’s all we had in the house), so I tried some rum both neat and when mixed with the cola. As someone who would rank rum and raisin as one of their favourite ice cream flavours I did not like the rum on it’s own. I just can not get over the burn of the alcoholic content. It was actually nice in the Pepsi Max… but I just love Pepsi Max so I am not sure much credence I can lend to that.

Food item: Battenberg Cake

Like with a previous cake on this blog, I got this sample from my mum who brought over leftovers from an afternoon tea (she so fancy). This time, there was a battenberg amongst the leftovers (also present was this weird kind of re-imagined cheesecake which was just nom).  I never used to like battenberg as a child because of the marzipan icing. Now, I have to say that I actually quite liked it. It’s not a cake I would seek out, but it’s nice enough.

Food item: Jicama

Thank you High Street Kensington Whole Foods for this one. I had this jicama in two ways: raw and baked skinny chips. After I peeled it that is, it was a bugger to peel and kept messing up my peeler.

Anyway, when it was raw the jicama was fresh and reminded me a lot of an apple that had lost a lot of its sweetness, but some of the sweetness still remained. When made into fries I found the same issues that I found with sweet potato i.e. it was hard to make crisp fries that weren’t burned. Still, went remarkably well with…

Food item: Currywurst

CURRYWURST! I remember, back when I was doing my journalism training, there was a guy who would repeatedly tell the same story about going to Germany and how he thought the food was okay except for the currywurst. When I say repeatedly, I swear we would all this twice a week for a few months. As someone who likes currywurst I began to get annoyed after the tenth telling of the story and interjected that I liked currywurst. It was like a bomb went off the way his face went.

Anyway, currywurst! I tried to get this as authentic as possible, so I used actual German sausage and German curry sauce/ketchup. I don’t know what his problem with it. Horses for courses I guess. I’m guessing it was because instead of a spicy tikka masala sauce he got a curried ketchup instead? Like, if he had different expectations he would have liked it more?

Who knows. All I care about is that I like it and that I have enough curry sauce to make another batch soon.

Progress: 709/933

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