Good Eatin’: I’ve Eaten Thumper

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

I know it probably isn’t ‘healthy’ to be able to look at your food, think of them as cartoon characters and STILL be able to eat them.  However, that’s where I am with the titular meal from today’s post. It stems from the thought of: ‘I’ve eaten Bambi, I am about to eat Thumper… I wonder what Flower would taste like’. Whatever gets me through the day I guess.

Food items: Rabbit in Garlic and Rosemary, Wild Rice

Rabbit in Iceland? What is it with these budget supermarkets now offering leftfield meats. Not knocking it, thanks to Iceland I now have grouse and lobster in my freezer for future list cookery. For now let’s stick with the rabbit for now.

I went with this because it is the easiest rabbit recipe in the list – so it would be good to learn how to cook rabbit to. What I didn’t realise was how much rabbit is like a cross between pork and turkey. If I knew this then I would have tried to find rabbit a lot sooner. I can see why garlic and rosemary would be a good accompaniment to this.

I served the rabbit with some of the leftover winter melon (cooked with lemon and basil) and instant rice that contained wild rice. I enjoyed picking out the wild rice from its surroundings. Just because of texture and colour, nothing to do with any real difference in taste.

Food items: Alphonso Mango, Quark, Peaches

It is a bit silly that something as common as peaches would be on a food list. Then again, I love peaches so why not eh? I combined these three ingredients for dessert after the rabbit, and I have to say it was glorious.

If you have a Tesco near you, get the Alphonso Mango coulis, vanilla quark and tinned peaches and just combine them in a bowl. Together they make the perfect mix of sweet and creamy. The mix of textures makes for a really comforting dessert. Something that, if I had fancy glassware, would be good to serve people for dinner. Light on the coulis though.

Food item: Flapjack

Okay, so this is where we get into the mop up of smaller items within the week. Flapjacks? I love them, and it confuses me that Americans use this as another term for pancakes. A flapjack will always be oats, raisins, butter and a lot of syrup/honey/both. The ones that my work produces are gorgeous, a bit too sweet, but gorgeous.

Food item: Silken bean curd

This was from a trip to Wagamamas. I used to love this restaurant, but I do feel that it has started to go a bit downhill. Still, they have the ability to deep fry silken tofu whilst I still have trouble preparing it without the general splotchy mess that ensues. I do prefer it less deep-fried usually so I can appreciate the subtlety.

Food item: Camembert

There is also a more specific type of Camembert on the original food list, but I am able to go for a more generic one for now. I know that Camembert from Normandy is superior to what this cheaper one from Morrisons. It was nice enough with the hedgehog loaf and some salami. Just not as strong as I like.

Food item: Tapioca Pudding

Almost forgot about this one. I bought four tins of Ambrosia dessert a long time back. Maybe even before adopting the second food list. What do I find? Tapioca pudding! Creamy with burstable tapioca pearls. I can see why it is used in bubble tea now.

Food item: Coffee and Walnut Cake

I love free food. I especially love free food that comes from a food list. Thanks to Shan at work for baking this. It was gorgeous, moist (or fuktig in Norwegian as I recently learned) and did not taste too coffee for my tastes.

Progress: 686/933


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