Good Eatin’: The End of August 2015

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Okay, so the fact that I am able to write a post for 5-6 months in the future is making me think that I am going to start and do these 4 days a week. I will eventually catch-up, I know, but it is getting a bit stupid now.

Anyway, all of the food items here came from the latter half of August 2015. A lot of them in the final weekend when I stayed with my mum over the Bank Holiday weekend. The race for food #700 begins now.

Food item: Poutine

Thanks to some tracking down on Twitter I found out that there was a place called The Poutinerie that regularly sets up shop on Brick Lane. We already had plans to head back that way to buy some ‘thank you’ gifts for the wedding, so the stage was set to find my breakfast poutine.

The result? A gorgeous brunch. I was so prepared that hot crispy chips and cheese curds covered in a meat gravy could be disgusting. It was not. It was delicious and I am annoyed at how nice it was. I mean, I shared my poutine with the former-fiancée now-husband because I did not realise just how good it would be. I will know better for next time.

Food item: Wild Boar Sausages

Where did I find these? Iceland, of all the supermarkets. I’m not going to complain though as they were really good. Properly meaty and great in a cheap hot dog bun and a bit of mustard. I could not taste the apple in these, which made it easier to hone in on the meat. I wouldn’t say that the flavour was too different to pork, but there was something subtler at play compared to a standard pork sausage.

Food items: Black Tea and Maid of Honour

On a rather overcast Sunday at the end of August I went to Kew Gardens with my mum. Thanks to sheer chance, nearby was the Original Maids of Honour tea room – the home of the listed Maid of Honour tart.

So, of course we had to go for a full high tea in order to sample these tarts. I do enjoy tea every now and then. I choose not to drink it mainly because I would rather have a cold drink, but ’tis the season and this particular tea was flavoured with mallow flower.

As for the tarts, they tasted a lot like mini chess pies, but with a filo pastry bottom rather than shortcrust. They were pretty much like a type of custard tart, just super buttery and with a great history. Apparently these tarts trace their history back to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. How cool is that?

Food items: Biryani, Chicken Jalfrezi and Brinjal Bhaji 

So, even after an afternoon tea we managed to have space for a curry from the Maharani. First things first, I was shocked at just how good the brinjal bhaji is. Think of it as aubergine that has been cooked in a lot of oil, curry powder, chilli and a bunch of other spices. It was tender, lightly spiced and delicious.

The biryani and the chicken jalfrezi worked really well as a combination. Luckily for me, the jalfrezi that we got was more on the medium side than on the hot one. I know that, at some point, I need to try my hand at a vindaloo. This was not the time to do so. It was tomato and onion based curry that had a thick sauce that worked well with the more delicate spicing of the biryani. The biryani came with a vegetable curry of its own, but I preferred to have it with the jalfrezi.

Food item: Egg-in-the-hole

Okay, so this was one of those foods on the list that made little to no sense when I first saw it. Essentially, it is a slice of fried bread with a fried egg inside of a hole that you had earlier cut into it. There is nothing that sounds bad in this dish, apart from the whole cholesterol thing, which is a bit of a drag if you think about it for too long. It’s one of those quick and easy breakfasts that I am guessing is American – I am basing this solely on seeing it in American movies and never in a British production.

Food item: Roast Chicken

Since my partner does not like to eat poultry it is really hard to check these off. This is why time with my mum has the tendency to become a bit of a chickenfest. I mean, when she is putting the offer of a roast chicken on the table… well I can’t say no. The fact that she makes the best roast chicken just makes the pleasure all the greater.

So, 43 left until 700. Part of me would love to get there during our honeymoon in Japan – I guess I’ll just have to see if that happens.

Progress: 657/933


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