The Great EU Quest – Catch-Up

It’s a new year, and I realise that, since I am only a few months away from the post marking the end of my second year of posting, I really should be playing catch-up on writing these up.

Without a further to-do, I am going to go through the three EU countries that I have been to to date (because, as of writing this, I have booked a trip to Luxembourg) which have yet to receive a write-up.

Why have I not written any of these up yet? Because I have no photographs…

List Item: Visit all EU countries
Progress: 12/28
Country: Portugal
Year first visited: 1998

The sad thing about this, is that the reason why I remember the year of visiting Portugal (The Algarve to be specific) so clearly is because of Steps. As in, I brought the CD single of Steps’ ‘One For Sorrow’ with me and I would do the dance routine in the living room of the villa.

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this holiday. I have ‘One For Sorrow’ playing as I right this as a way to try and bring back some memories… and there is not much. I remember we had a pool there with a yellow and green inflatable shark. I remember a drive down a really bumpy road late at night which freaked me out. I remember a lot of beach trips and, being the ginger that I am, having to wear a t-shirt at all times because of the paleness.

The main memory that comes to mind (thank you Steps) took place in a restaurant where I ordered scampi. Being a Brit I expected something deep fried and instead I got the whole prawns with the heads still on. They were massive and they were just staring at me. I may have freaked out slightly and the poor waited took the dish back to have the prawns decapitated. Bit of a dumb memory really.

I do plan to rectify this with some real memories of Portugal. I have wanted to go to The Azores for years and now, thanks to a new flight path, it’s gotten cheaper to go. So, who knows, maybe in a year or two I’ll be heading that way.

Country: Czech Republic
Year first visited: 1999

Right, so I have technically been to the Czech Republic twice. The first time, in 1999, was during a trip to Austria when we went to Český Krumlov for the day. I remember it being really beautiful and my mum scouring the shops looking for a good matryoshka doll set. She still has that, and I still have the wooden chess set that I bought from there.

The major visit I made there was a long weekend to Prague in 2002, I only remember the year because I was making “get off the road” jokes wake of Fellowship of the Ring. As a pre-teen I know I probably was not the target Prague audience… it needs a revisit.

Country: Germany
Year first visited: 2000

I am so sad that I don’t have any pictures of these visits. I’ve been three times, and each time was to Munich for the Christmas market (although the third time did also include a visit to Nuremberg). I have been wanting to go back there for a long time, but the stars have yet to align.

And why would I not want to go back? German food, Christmas coming out of the wazoo, possible re-visit to Neuschwanstein and the surrounding areas. I also need to see Berlin. Still not sure how I have not been there…

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