Good Eatin’: A Stroll Down Brick Lane

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

It was a sunny Sunday in July. The DLR was out of commission, thank you engineering works. So, a trip to Brick Lane it was! My first time, and it was market day with time to admire all the graffiti.


There was so much food on offer, and so many stores selling things I would not find in my neck of the woods. Well, I have to go back at some point for more stuff (like the poutine truck that I apparently missed… boo), but for now I have a bunch of things to write up about, and two things in my food cupboard that I need to figure out uses for yet.

 Food Item: Homemade Lemonade

Okay, so I know that I did not make this myself. It was made in front of me and I saw the amount of sugar that went in. So wow, that happened. It was really delicious, but it was so tart that it lasted me a good long while.

Okay so this wasn’t a food list thing, it was just delicious. There was a Lithuanian food stall that offered dumplings, mashed potato and a whole lot of meats in gravy. If I could have had my way I would have eaten a lot more of their stuff, as well as pretty much EVERYTHING in the surrounding stalls. Oh well, I’ll have to come back!

Food Item: Longan

One of the many Indian supermarkets had a big unlabelled bag of longans (also known as dragon eyes) next to the till. I was in there buying spices that I need to use later – and I just happened to recognise these fruit from having pawed over the book numerous times.

My big issue with these were the size of the seeds. On the whole they were nice enough. They had a dry sweetness in the same way that green grapes do. Tastewise they were a cross between apple and lychee. Not bad.

Food Item: Griotte

So whilst we were going in between the markets we came across an organic shop (cannot remember what it was called now… great) and I found that they had two list items. The first, as you can see above, were Griottes.

Seeing how they were frozen I figured that the best way to test them out would be to use them as ice cubes for my Pepsi Max. I think I’ve had these in a yoghurt before…

Food Item: Tempeh Murni

When I prepared this I marinated it in garlic and then fried it until golden. In terms of texture it became golden and crispy on the outside with the inside being like a firm mushroom. It was nutty and slightly chunky. Not entirely sure if it was worth paying more this than regular tofu though…

Progress: 629/933

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