Making My Own Ice Cream

It started as part of a Facebook conversation about a future meet-up. Someone mentioned ice cream and I decided to go onto Amazon and buy an ice cream machine.

Three months later…

List item: Make your own ice cream
Progress: Completed

To be honest, I was starting to wonder whether I would ever use this – then Lottie and Luke came round to stay in early July and we decided to make ice cream. More specifically (after a bit of a flick through the recipe book that came with the machine) Cranberry and Orange.



We chose this for two reasons. Firstly, it just sounded like it would taste delicious (I mean what isn’t great about marmalade, custard and cranberry sauce?) and it was just super easy to make.

Well I say easy, we had the initial hurdle of having to defrost the freezer so that I could fit the inner bowl of the machine inside. A twenty minute session with my steam cleaner (followed by an hour of watching the lightning storm outside) we were able to get the bowl in the freezer so we could get it ready for the next day (it was about 1 am at this point).

We had a bit more luck the next day – and by then the inside bowl of the machine was good and cold so we were ready to make some ice cream!

It wasn’t as hard as regular ice cream when it came out of the machine after an hour of stirring. Once it was turned off, however, it really began to firm up. So much that I was able to scoop it into my gorgeous cosmopolitan glasses. The sprig of mint? I just wanted it to look pretty!

The ice cream itself was really good. It was sweet and not too tart, but I was disappointed that it didn’t taste more of custard. I am already planning my next flavour – apple and mint. It’s gonna be great.

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