Olympics 2012!

How many people can say that they have had an Olympic games in their home town/city? Millions of people. Okay, not the best way to start this… but it is still something that is a great privilege to have come over.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the London 2012 Olympics twice, which means I am able to do this:

List item: Go to the Olympic Games
Progress: Completed

List item: Attend a world sporting event
Progress: Completed

olympics 2

The first time we went was to see the tennis at Wimbledon. We got these tickets through the ballot and (to be honest) I was really annoyed. The thing is, I grew up in a tennis household and I had already been to Wimbledon on the so-called ‘People’s Sunday’ back in 2004.

Still, we got something. I could say that I had been to the Olympics games. I also managed to end up ridiculously close to my favourite player (both for watching and to drool over) Novak Djokovic. I later got to see him beat Lleyton Hewitt, which was it’s own type of amazing.

Whilst I bellyached a bit at the time, I was so incredibly glad that I could have a day at the Olympics.

olympics 1Brilliantly,  I was able to go again. Due to the stupidity of running a ballot there were a number of events that would later allow you to actually buy tickets. So, I ended up going to see the volleyball.

The crowd felt a bit different here. Not just because there was less of them, but also because we had a group of fairly rowdy people directly in front of us. I cannot remember if they were Bulgarian or Italian – but they sure had a lot of things in the colours or green, red and white.

You could really tell that this was getting less attention than the tennis, but I didn’t care. It was a new sport for me to watch and it meant that I could say that I had been to the Olympics twice. Now, there is probably a smaller number of people who can say THAT.

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