Good Eatin’: A Secret Scotch Egg

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Here is a disadvantage of being able to write these posts so far in advance – the title of this post ‘the secret Scotch egg’ was a bit of a joke between myself and a colleague at work because of my cravings for a Scotch egg and my partner not liking eggs… you just had to be there alright?

Something of note here is that this is one of the few posts where all the foods I am covering is from the new book only. I guess this is going to become more and more common when all I have left from the original list is a bunch of tropical fruit and endangered molluscs.

Food item: Scotch egg

I’ll grant you, a Scotch egg is a weird thing to have a craving for. My nan used to regularly buy a pack of party eggs (as in miniature scotch eggs with egg mayonnaise inside) and we would eat them when I got home from primary school. So, I guess I have a lot of fond memories for this very English snack item.

Food item: Jamaican Patty

From a traditional English to one that is definitely not –  and yet it has more than a passing resemblance to a Cornish pasty. The pasty of this patty was just gorgeous. It was buttery, flaky and melted slightly in the mouth. I can easily see myself going for something like this again soon as it was a really satisying snack. Those Jamaicans have been holding out on us in the snack food world!

Food item: Doner Kebab

Okay, since I opened with one of my weird cravings – here is one of my mum’s. I never object to when she gives in to having the once-a-year kebab. In fact, I more than happy to indulge. It’s still like looking at a deliciously greasy heart attack in a pitta bread – but hell I skipped lunch because I knew this was coming. That has to count for something right?

Food item: Udon Noodles

Udon noodles are easily one of my favourite variety of noodles (second only to ho fun noodles). When you spend most of your life with either spaghetti or Sharwoods egg noodles, the initial find of udon noodles is a major revelation.

Now then, there is a specific type of udon noodles left for me to try. By the time this post goes up I will hopefully have been able to secure some whilst in Japan. I can imagine that being an easy check off somehow.

Food item: Paella

Oh Startisans. You are a truly my wildcard when it comes to finding good food. Previously it introduced me to some wonderful Ethiopian food. On offer today was a really nice chicken and chorizo paella (heavy on the chorizo).

I usually make my own paella (not for a while mind you) so it was nice to have it made for me. Plus I could reuse the lemon wedge for my work Pepsi. Bonus!

Food item: Beef Wellington

Okay, so here is the final one of the post. I know this was probably not the BEST example of a beef wellington, but it was still really nice. To be honest, I am a real sucker of meat in puff pastry so this was right up my street. Since this was a ready made I know it was not the best quality – for example in my one the mushroom pate was not exactly wrapped around the beef. Still good though.

Progress: 614/933

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