Good Eatin’: They Just Keep On Coming

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

I’ve really got my focus back on the good list again. It’s one of those things that I can see me phasing in and out of as I keep going. One thing I am doing is keeping my own count of the original 1001 Foods list. I mean, why not. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get to that halfway point. Especially if I reach it before the combined lists.

Food item: Cannelloni

As long I am in my current job where I have a lot of meetings with external people there will always be the chance of list food. It’s a bit weird having to explain to them why I am photographing a plate of hotel cannelloni, and then there is the look of slight concern of me having lost my mind after a bunch of back to back meetings.

Anyway, I love cannelloni. If I had a choice between meat and the ricotta/spinach versions it is the vegetarian one without question. I’ve even made this with pancakes once. It was nice, but I have to make sure to buy non-sweetened ones next time. It was a bit weird.

Food items: Blueberries, Raspberries and Honeydew Melon

Another meeting one. Depending on the venue there can sometimes be a fruit plate in the afternoon. I never thought much of it until I could now cross off three food items at once. Usually I just load up on the blueberries and ignore the rest. Such is the folly of free food.

Food item: Taco

Home time now. I had a date with an Old El Paso taco making kit. In the second 1001 book the humble taco comes under the appetisers section. Not once have I have had tacos as a starter, only as a main course, and then they are absolutely loaded with filling. I still need to try those tacos that are able to stand up by themselves.

In the question of whether I would prefer hard-shelled or soft-shelled tacos. I would have to say it is soft tortillas that win every time.

Food item: Banoffee Pie

Thank you work canteen. While I am still missing out on the Cumberland sausage ring every time I managed to be around on the day they have Banoffee Pie. Now, whilst Banoffee is easily my favourite flavour of missing I would not say the same of pie. Then again, I am not sure what would be the answer to the question of favourite sweet lie. Maybe something pedestrian like apple pie when paired with custard?

Food item: Cashew Apple

Right, so this was a REAL good find at Tesco. By rights I should not have been able to get this unless I went somewhere more exotic like Brazil. This is the interesting thing about this list, there are some foods that are becoming available in the UK that were not available just a year ago.

So, cashew apple (as in the false fruit attached the cashew nut as it grows on the cashew tree) tastes like nothing I have ever had before. I mean, it has a bit of that stereotypical tropical taste, but then there is a lot that I can not put my finger on when it comes to comparisons. Whilst there is a definite sweetness to it, albeit mild. The overriding taste and aftertaste is somewhat astringent. There is some nuttiness that reveals itself as you swallow too. Weird, but okay.

Food item:  Belgian Frangipane Pastry

Yay, time for desert! When I was younger I was not the biggest fan of marzipan, but it is something I have grown to really like. This means that this frangipane is something I can properly enjoy. The almond taste is not as strong as in marzipan, but it is rather close. It does make me now think that it would have been nice to have frangipane as a wedding dessert (it was an option) but, you know, allergies.

Food item: Cider

As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol these always taste a bit weird. Where most people would now be used to the underlying taste of alcohol I am still easily able to detect it. So whilst I was able to appreciate the crisp and sweet nature of this cider we got from a Degustabox it still had that overriding taste that I don’t like: alcohol.

Food item: Skyr

Another one that I am happy to say is now available in the UK when it was not a year ago. Skyr, advertised as the Icelandic super yoghurt, has become a regular breakfast of mine whilst it is in Tesco’s cheap introductory offer.

It’s brilliant for breakfast as it is low in fat and very filling due to the high amount of protein. It also tastes like a thick and milk soured cream. So far I have had it in a number of flavours, the best for far being the honeyed variety. All UK readers. Please buy this product, I don’t wanting to leave the shelves!

Progress: 591/933


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