My Thumb Is Slightly Green

This is a bit of a silly one, but I am one of those people who would not trust themselves because a goldfish. I know in myself that there is a 80% chance of them dying because I forgot to feed them or clean their tank.

List Item: Keep a plant alive for a year
Progress: Completed (but looking slight wilted at the moment)

I guess I figured that if I could remember to do the needed things in order to keep a plant alive then maybe one day, in the distant future, get something more alive – like a venus fly trap.

So over a year ago I received an aloe vera plant as a host gift from my friend Seen Wai. I then proceeded to send a picture to her of me torturing the plant…

IMG_0781[1](I… I don’t know)

The plant grew really quickly. Within a few months I had to go to the local B&Q to procure a larger pot and then steal some soil from my mum’s backyard (sorry about that mum… and now you know) in order to stop it from toppling over at the slightest rumble from outside.

To be honest there are times where I forget to water it. I have never read up on how to take care of this plant. In many ways I am surprised this thing is still around considering that I have, at times, given the plant pot hugs. It’s a survivor I guess!

The plant is still in a good condition despite my having NO idea how to transfer a plant between plants. What can I say, aloe vera plants are hardy sods.

A year and a bit later it is still growing, albeit slower than when I first got it. I probably should get him some plant food as a congratulations for surviving for so long and for having a few little clone babies.


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