Good Eatin’: Wedding Food Tasting

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

This is the year that I am getting married. Now, we booked the venue about a year and a half early (which is probably how we got our first choice venue) and the wedding has not really featured much in my thoughts. The honeymoon is a very different matter… I am so fucking excited about going to Japan. However, as it is starting to get closer and closer I am beginning to get excited. What has helped is that we are now getting to the parts involving food and centrepieces.

Food item: Coleslaw

I mean, how cool is it that we are going to have burgers, chicken, coleslaw and potato salad at the wedding? I know it isn’t traditional and that most people have a sit down meal… but that just is not us. The food itself was amazing, we had to narrow down the food and it was really hard. We did it. But it was hard.

Suddenly the wedding has become a lot more real. It’s not like I’m nervous as, to be honest, we are basically married in the way we are living right now. Not to be gushy but, God I love my partner.

Anyway, this  was a big week for list foods. It’s making me wish I had started this as a microblog. But hey ho.

Food item: Holy Basil (not pictured Cucumber Raita)

We found out recently that we have a local Nepalese takeaway. Not only that, but one that is considered Buzzfeed worthy. So with Hungryhouse offering a voucher it was time for us to give it a try.

Food items: Roti, Saffron, Pilau Rice, Saffron Rice

I wish I had got all of the food in one photo so I didn’t have to post a bunch of separate pictures. I also wish I had taken the picture of the cucumber raita. Still, what I can say about the Yak and Yeti is that the food was delicious. The best parts, the momo lamb dumplings, were a strange fusion of dim sum and curried lamb. Strange but appreciated.

There is not much to say about the individual foods here as they are fairly regular items on any Indian menu. The one I want to highlight is the holy basil. It was a herb that I had never seen before and here I was able to have it in a chicken curry dish. For something that has the word basil in its name it tasted nothing like it . In face, it was more like a subtler star anise. Not sure why it is called basil, must be a colonial throwback.

Food item: Lemon Meringue Pie

This week I had, yet another, off site paper committee meeting. The great thing about these meetings is how they can suddenly bring in a list food that you were not expecting. This time, It was a delicious dessert (and still they have not repeated the risotto primavera that I forgot to take a picture off two months ago… grrrr.

Still, I can not complain when I was presented with a lemon meringue pie. Even if I had to take it back to the meeting room to get some work done whilst everyone else was on lunch. Oh well. I don’t mind really.

Food item: Miso Soup and Kimchi (again)

Okay, nothing much here. It’s miso soup. Meant to be an acquired taste but I have always liked it. Preferably it would have the small bits of tofu floating inside of it but I am not too fussy with miso.

I was also an idiot when combining these two lists and did not remove the duplicate for kimchi…

Food item: Crayfish

Okay, so this came about because a colleague got a platter of Pret A Manger sandwiches during a meeting and there was a whole bunch of them left over. The crayfish and rocket one is really my favourite so I made a beeline for that when she put it out on the cabinet by her head, what I didn’t realise was that crayfish was a list item so I had to go back and take a picture of the only one that was remaining (I guess people in the office really like the crayfish and rocket sandwiches).

 Food item: Hush Puppies

It was Tuesday and at the work cafeteria they were doing pulled meats with all the trimmings. This included the really odd deep fried balls that are, strangely, not named after shoes. These felt a lot like the Dutch fried batter balls oliebollen, but instead they were savoury with spring onion and some sweetcorn inside. They were nice, but I just felt like I was gaining oil weight as I was eating them.

Progress: 536/933


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