Good Eatin’: Melting Cheese Raclette Style

 List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

 It has been another busy week when it comes to accumulating foods from the combined lists. One which ended up in the consumption of a lot of cheese and my forgetting to take photos to document some other list items because the list is still so vast that it is hard to memorize everything.

Food item: Irn-Bru

Before drinking this during a walk around the park I was not entirely sure if I had actually tried Scotland’s second national beverage. One sip and I was instantly taken back to spending time with my paternal grandparents where this would be the drink I was given. I am not entirely sure of what the flavour of Irn-Bru is… I’m just sure it doesn’t occur in nature.

Food item: Cantaloupe Melon

Okay… so I was not aware that Charentais melons are a type of cantaloupe. Pity, because having a straight up cantaloupe is nowhere nowhere near as sweet and delicious.

Food item: White Chocolate Moose

The white chocolate moose in question (quite cute being served in the little coffee cup) was something I had for free at a meeting venue. I SAY it’s a white chocolate moose because that is what it says on the menu. It tasted like cold vanilla custard. Never a bad thing.

Food item: Spring Onion Pancakes

Friday meant a lunch trip to the local Korean place Asadal where we probably ate a little bit too much. I mean, what is wrong with chunks of warm golden pancake with spring onion and a dipping sauce. Absolutely nothing that’s what. It went well with the Korean barbecue pork that I ate with it… pity I did not go for the bulgogi as I would have had another list item on my hand.

Food item: Pea Shoots and Raclette Du Valais

On Saturday Kay, a friend of myself and my partner, came around and we decided to do something a bit more fancy. As part of it we had to get a very special cheese for it, which was delicious and reminded me of a strange lovechild cheese of gruyere and emmental. Delicious when it was melted onto potatoes and pickles.

The pea shoots were used in a salad I made to go alongside it. It did indeed taste like fresh peas… just a bit leafy. Not too bad.

Food item: Raclette

There is a reason why Raclette is on the list twice is since one book referred to the cheese and the other referred to the method of preparation. Talk about two birds with one stone.

Alongside the cheese and the salad there was bacon, a salt-and-pepper baguette, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, cold potatoes and strips of beef marinaded in rice wine, brown sugar and soy sauce. All of which were delicious with melted cheese on top.

I mean just LOOK AT IT!

Food item: Crowdie and Gjetost

As we dropped our friend off at London Victoria and came across the International Cheese Shop (cue sound of the heavenly host). So many different international cheese, so little money, so little research on my part so I ended up coming home with two cheeses and come Cashel blue because I bloody loved that cheese.

The one I was really looking forward to trying was the Gjetost. A Norwegian cheese that is boiled so that the milk sugars caramelise in a way similar to dulce de leche. It was so strange to eat since, to begin with, it really tasted like caramel and only then did the cheese taste start to break through which lingered into the aftertaste. I’m still not sure how much this really is cheese, I mean it actually sliced more like fudge.

Finally in this post in the Crowdie – the version I had being a Black Crowdie. This cheese is a rather mild Scottish cheese that seemed to straddle the line between cottage cheese and cream cheese. It was very spreadable with a fresh taste and a slight smell of citrus fruit juice. The peppercorns on the outside did a lot to enhance the flavour… but I did prefer the Crowdie when it was just the cheese on its own.

Progress: 524/933

1 thought on “Good Eatin’: Melting Cheese Raclette Style

  1. My mouth was watering whilst you were describing Gjetost. It is now my mission to discover its presence in Scotland. 🙂

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