The Great EU Quest – Denmark

List Item: Visit all EU countries
Progress: 12/28Country: Denmark
Year first visited: 2013

Denmark is the most recent of the EU countries that I have crossed off this list. I have four more to write about, but I just felt like going back to my visit to Denmark. The trip started as a birthday present to my partner where I thought I would treat him to a long weekend away at some point in the year, a few months later we found ourselves booking tickets to Copenhagen.


Of course we find ourselves on the same day as Copenhagen Pride, meaning I had to keep my eyes out for my great fear: drag queens. I know it’s dumb to have a phobia of drag queens… just think of them as aggressive gay clowns and you might understand why I have run away from them before.

Anyway, my partner really wanted to go and he thought it would make for a good item on my still developing bucket list. Damn him he knows what threads to tug on. So we did a compromise. We would spend the afternoon doing a bit of an explore and head for the Little Mermaid statue.

The Little Mermaid statue is tiny. And we had to wait a solid 20 minutes because of all the tourists climbing up on to the rock and taking pictures of themselves fondling the statue. I was so ready to go into Teacher Beast Mode since there were so many multi-lingual signs telling people to leave the lady alone. Still, I managed to get my snap and we walked back through the Citadel to reach Copenhagen’s downtown to fulfil my end of the bargain.

List item: Attend a Pride event
Progress: Completed

After years of putting it off I finally stayed around long enough at a Pride event to consider myself an attendant. I don’t know if it was because we were surrounded by Danes and Swedes rather than Londoners, but everything felt just that bit more relaxed and (for me) less intimidating.

It was a really good evening of cheesy pop music, a drag queen/unicorn acting as a DJ (they were far enough away from me to not scare me) and a lot of gay men wearing ridiculous outfits. I wouldn’t go as far to say I felt like I belonged, in many ways I still feel isolated from that part of myself, but it’s a thing that I am glad my partner wanted me to do.

The first full day we headed for the Copenhagen Zoo to spend the morning. The fact that it had a polar bear might have helped matters here. It appears that they have one hell of a breeding program in Copenhagen (or there is something in the water) since we saw a lot of baby animals whilst we were there. Anteaters, elephants, brown bears and tigers being the cutest of them all.

We spent longer than we expected in the zoo area, pretty much the whole day, so we headed back to Downtown Copenhagen for a more regular explore. This included a visit to the Amaleinborg Palace where we saw the Danish version of ‘The Changing Of The Guard’. Since we had one more day there was planning to be done.

This was a day where we just kept on walking and walking. I managed to pull my back muscles half way through the day, but there was still so much that I wanted to see that just kept on walking.

We fit in a lot during this day. Climbed to to the top of the Church of our Saviour, the corkscrew church that dominates the skyline which I felt required a visit. The views from up there were just beautiful. I took so many photos from up there and wished that we could have had more time to just stared at the city. Sadly, however, the corkscrew tower is pretty much single file so we were moved on rather quickly.

List item: See a ballet
Progress: Completed

After wandering around the Botanical Gardens (sadly the museum we wanted to hit up was closed for renovations) we headed to Tivoli Gardens for the evening. For a theme park in the middle of a city… you quickly forget that you are in the city.

The fact that we spent the first 45 minutes to an hour in Tivoli watching a ballet of the Steadfast Tin Solider. I swear, Copenhagen just kept on surprising us.

It was a magical evening, even though we didn’t go on any rides. I completely forgot my back pain, although you could tell by my hobbling that something was not quite right.

I hope to return to Copenhagen one day, there was a lot we didn’t get a chance to see. As is the way with long weekends. Maybe next time…

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