Acclaimed Albums – Ramones by Ramones

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 73/250Title: Ramones
Artist: Ramones
Year: 1976
Position: #38

Ah the birth of punk. Back when I was listening to London Calling  (almost a year ago now… wow) I was reading up about the world of post-punk. How punk and post-punk emerged around the same time, with punk obviously coming out first.

The thing is, Ramones isn’t only the first proper pure punk album that I’ve listened to, other than London Calling the only punk I listened to was Gogol Bordello (which is gypsy punk so not sure that really counts), but the first proper punk album period. Yes, punk did exist in the years prior to this but Ramones is considered by many to be the first real punk album and the blue print of all that was to follow.

The first thing that was really noticeable to me about Ramones was not anything to do with the music. It was just how short the album was. I mean, here we have an album that is really high on this list and it has a runtime of under 30 minutes. It really felt like it was over before it began.

I guess that’s why the album works though. It doesn’t end up collapsing under its own weight or repeating themselves needlessly. It is just this musical force of nature that ushered in a lot of what was to come.

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