Good Eatin’: Easter Week 2015

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Good old Easter. A four-day weekend and a lot of cheap chocolate flying off of the shelves. I am not even going to pretend that the Christian part of Easter crossed my mind other than the Bible quotes coming up on my Facebook thread followed by the word ‘boom’. I’m not even going to go there by asking why you would follow a Bible quote with ‘boom’, it’s strange and makes me think way too much of religiously-inspired suicide bombing.

In lighter news, food.

Food item: Orangina, Crêpe Suzette

So in the week leading up to Easter I met up with a friend of mine for a good catch-up and a general chewing the fat for hours (and yet it passes in minutes).  We ducked into a creperie in South Kensington and passed the time with good food and conversation that, at times, bordered on the blue. But hey, when in France…ish.

This was a very orangey dinner if I do say so myself.  Delicious too. I do prefer Orangina when it comes in the bottles as it means I can play with it like a gross snowglobe before I eventually drink it. It’s on the nicer end of the spectrum of orange-flavoured sodas, which you would expect on this list. The crepe itself was really flavourful too (mostly of Grand Marnier) and I really enjoyed the caramelised sauce that smothered it.

Food item: Classic Lamb Chop and Barnsley Chop Food item: Knodel

Okay, so I have had lamb chops a lot growing up and a few times since starting on this food list back in May last year. Therefore, I will be counting them for now, alongside my first ever Barnsley chop.

I have to say, as someone who rates lamb as the lowest of the ‘conventional meats’ the Barnsley chop was something I just started gnawing on to make sure that I got all of the meat off. Hats off to my mum for making this, it was gorgeous. Especially when paired with a German potato dumpling and a generous serving of beans.

Food item: Mee Goreng Food item: Nasi Goreng and Salmon En Croute

Thanks to having a Lidl within a 45 minute walk away I am able to supply the engagement partner with packets of Bami and Nasi Goreng. Yes, I am aware that the list says Mee Goreng and I have Bami Goreng, according to Wikipedia it’s basically the same thing, so who am I to argue.

In the end, what these two foods boil down to is fried noodles and rice done in a South East Asian style. Something that has been appropriated in the Netherlands much like curry has been adopted in the UK. Whenever I cook this I tend to add some kecap manis for extra flavour.

The other great thing about these that whilst they are good as a side, like with the salmon en croute, they are probably even better as a meal on their own. Especially in the big packs that you can buy in Lidl.

Food item: Dry-Fried Beef Noodles Food item: Oatcakes

Saturday meant a catch-up with school friends. The original plan was Korean up in London, but due to extensive train works over the Easter weekend we met up at the local Miso instead.  Normally I get the same thing (char siu with noodles) almost every time. Thanks to the list I branched out and got the beef with ho fun noodles. According to my food book what I had was a Cantonese variation of a Szechuan dish which makes it slightly more greasy and less spicy, something I cold tell in the slight oiliness. I don’t care though it was still able to disappear from my plate really quickly.

The problem with skipping breakfast and then having noodles for lunch? I’m hungry again within a few hours. Luckily I had some oatcakes in the cupboard and was able to have a few of these until my partner was hungry enough for dinner.

Food item: Turkey Stuffed With Birds Food item: Lamb Shank

Easter Sunday rolled around (a lot quicker that we had hoped) which meant it was off to my mum’s place for a special lunch. For the three of us there was enough food for about five people, so I ended up taking the rest of the remaining turducken home with me. It was one of those things that I was always curious about having, and I am glad that I did. My only issue was that it was fairly difficult to taste the duck. Then again, if I want to eat duck it’s better to just buy a duck rather than this piece of decadence.

Now, since my partner does not eat poultry (unless I really force him) we got him a separate meat option in the form of a lamb shank. It was only when I was cycling through the list on my phone I realised it was also on the list (result!). Managed to take a bit for the sake of the blog experience too as it feel off of the bone.

Food item: Prosecco Food item: Pavlova

Since it was a holiday meal there was Prosecco to be had. I had some in a small glass so I felt like a giant (more so). My thoughts on it are the same as with all other alcohols, there is a taste I just can not get passed. Nor do I feel the need to do so. It was sweet and I can see how if you are used to the taste of alcohol that it would be nice. Just not for me.

The meal was finished off with a pavlova. As someone whose first recipe they knew by heart was the Delia Smith one for meringue it is surprising that I had never had a pavlova before. Not much to say about a dessert of raspberries, meringue and cream apart from that it was able to tempt me with seconds despite being uncomfortably full.

Progress: 502/933


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