Acclaimed Albums – Kala by M.I.A.

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 66/250Title: Kala
Artist: M.I.A.
Year: 2007
Position: #224

I think everyone who is into their music as a teenager has that moment when their parent comes in during a song and they ask “What is this noise?”.  For me, that moment was during the Christmas break from university in 2007 and the song ‘$20’. I guess I can see why, the production is dense, loud and full of unusual sounds mashed together, but I loved it and I love Kala as an album.

There is something exciting about listening to an album for the first time and really liking it despite it being like nothing you have really heard before. It was one of those immediate love moments on my first play through with ‘Jimmy’, ‘$20’ and, the now classic,  ‘Paper Planes’ standing out to me immediately.

‘Jimmy’ really was one that I latched onto straight away and probably ended up a few times on repeat before finishing Kala. I guess, when I think about it more, ‘Jimmy’ is one of the most accessible tracks on the album. Even more so if you have been into electro-pop for a long time.

Pretty much every track has since won me over in the years of spinning the album since with the exception of ‘Mango Pickle Down River’. I love the beat in this song and think the didgeridoo makes it unique, but I can not stand the rapping by the young boys. Some think it’s adorable, I think it’s bloody annoying.

The rest of the album though has wormed its way into my musical consciousness to the point that I just fancy listening to the album at the most random moments. I have been known to put ‘Jimmy’ on just to spin around the room to the chorus. I even felt the need to invest in the bonus disc where ‘Shells’ and ‘Big Branch’ managed to keep me occupied in the gap between Kala and Matangi where /\/\ /\ Y /\ occurred (I mean part from ‘XXXO’ nothing on her third album managed to grab me).

At some point I might end up writing up Arular as it is bubbling under the 250 and is getting closer. So who knows, the next update may bring that in.


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