Good Eatin’: Overtime Leads to Spaghetti Squash

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

It’s a fact of life now that pretty much every job out there now means there is a regular chance of overtime occurring. It is precisely for this reason that I opt to come in early so that if there is no overtime I get to leave at 4. If overtime I required then it’s not exactly too late. Ah flexitime, you magnificent bastard.

So on this occasion I put in an extra two hours and met my partner for dinner before venturing into the Wholefoods store on Piccadilly Circus. I really had to stop myself from buying more (they did an usual list fish… something I may end up regretting missing), but I managed to get two things that I had not seen in a store before, and for only £2.50.

Food items: Spaghetti Squash and Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

For a Wholefoods being able to get a squash and some specialist potatoes for that cheap is almost unheard of so I am not going to knock it by any means. Two days later I got around to cooking both of these. Nothing major. For the pink fir apple potatoes I just roasted them like you would with any new potato. For the squash I roasted it, pulled it apart and then flash fried it in some garlic and olive oil.

I mean… look how cool the spaghetti squash is when you start pulling it apart. The thing is that the only reason you would get spaghetti squash is for the texture and the sheer fun factor of the food. There is not much taste to it and it took on the taste of the garlic, but I would get it again because… LOOK HOW COOL IT IS!!!

The pink fir potatoes, however, were really flavourful. I mean if you distilled the essence of flavour of a good new potato you would basically get the pink fir potatoes. All I did was boil them for 7 minutes and then roast them in a light covering of oil for 35 minutes. Definitely a potato purchase for the future.

Progress: 367/500

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