Good Eatin’: The Slow Down

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

I have known I was going to reach this point. It took a bit longer than I expected but, the acquisition of foods for the list is slowing down. The only reason that I have these here are because of Christmas presents. Still, I am now well over the 300 mark when this happened which is no mean feat.

Therefore: if you know of a website, restaurant or a shop in the London area that does any of the remaining foods please get in contact.

Food item: Madeira Cake

This arrived in a hamper that my father sent me for Christmas. There were some other goodies in there so getting a list item was a bonus. Seeing Madeira cake is slightly weird since it is such a basic sponge cake. Then again, this is the only proper sponge cake on the list, which explains how it earned it’s place. The Madeira cake here was properly buttery (the dominant taste) with hints of vanilla and lemon. It was properly moist in the middle meaning that slicing it felt incredibly smooth.

Food item: Raspberry Vinegar

It is getting to the point where I am getting list vinegar as a Christmas present. Granted, it is a type of vinegar that I had been focusing on finding for ages so, thanks Jeroen.

On its own the raspberry vinegar is delicious, tasting fresh and fruity with a touch of acidity at the end. However, it really comes into it’s own mixed with other things. For example, on this bottle’s first outing I mixed the vinegar with some walnut oil to make a delicious salad dressing.

Food item: Fondant

This wasn’t a present, but I thought it had been long enough since we bought this from our local Hema that we should actually eat them. I chose to cut up the pink one for the sheer reason that I could not imagine decorating a pink cake any time soon.

Eating fondant on it’s own was actually quite nice. It was not sickly sweet, as expected, and was actually really smooth to the point that it felt rather silken as it melted in my mouth. Maybe I should make a cake to use this on.

Food item: Lubecker Marzipan

Okay, so this was a present for my partner since he loves marzipan and this dark chocolate-coated block of marzipan did the trick. We share all the sweets we get as presents anyway.

Lubecker is truly some of the nicest marzipan out there, mainly because it isn’t completely smooth and it actually tastes like it was made with actual almonds. It isn’t overly sugary, instead allowing the bitter chocolate and the almonds to do their work. It’s expensive for a reason.

Progress: 329/500


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