Good Eatin’: Hitting 300

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

So here we are, not even a year into my opening the 1001 foods challenge and I am now reaching 300. Since this marks me getting 60% towards my goal there were a few easier items I wanted to fit in. Items that I could not believe that they were done after the likes of palm hearts, ackee and cantabrian boquerone. Still, this is awesome and I am VERY sure things will start to slow down now.

Food items: Pecans and Brazil Nuts

I have stayed away from the grains section since I managed to get ‘really far ahead’ on it. Now I am thinking ‘screw it’ and I have decided now is time to invest in a nutcracker and take these on.

Firstly, pecans are a absolute devil to crack so that it remains completely intact. Made me wonder if I should have just had them on a pastry or something. In any case there is something satisfying about taking them from my squirrel bowl and cracking them myself. They are similar to walnuts in their taste, apart from the fact that they become slightly buttery when they are chewed for long enough.

Brazil nuts, in comparison, are more oily than most other nuts (something that showed when you unsuccessfully tried to crack it). It has a similar texture to the macadamia nuts although it does tend to leave the mouth feeling dry.

Food items: Dried Fruit in Chocolate and Malt Loaf

How the hell have I not had chocolate raisins in nearly a year. It’s inconceivable. Not much to say on these since dried fruit in chocolate is delicious and the only time you can convince yourself that chocolate is healthy.

Malt loaf is something that feels quintessentially British with Soreen being a regular fixture in the house the closer we got to Christmas. The key thing about eating these is that you cannot have them without butter. It just helps with the dark, squidgy, sticky sweetness. Now in a handy lunchbox pack! Apparently!

Food items: Nurnberger Elisenlebkuchen

So here we are, 300 and this is something that reaches back into my German heritage, specifically the part of me that is Bavarian. Lebkuchen, aka the spiced German biscuit-cake things that I used to hate as a kid and now really love. This is specifically a type of lebkuchen found in Nuremburg.

Just opening the packet unleashes the smell of Christmas. The first taste screams ginger, but later elements of cinnamon and orange peel can also be tasted alongside the whole and chopped nuts. Texture wise it is mostly cake-like  until you get to the bottom when you reach the ricepaper. The difference between the two can make you wonder if you had to remember to remove it first.

Progress: 300/500


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