Goal Change – Film List

1001 movies 2014 book coverSince the first edition of this book came out (if I recall correctly it has Kill Bill Volume 1 as one of the final entries) I had a little bit of an obsession to see as many films on this list as I could. Thanks to my mum’s love of classic films and her subscription to Sky+ I was able to devour a lot of these films in quick succession. It even lead me to Sunset Boulevard and My Neighbour Totoro which stand as my top two favourite films of all time.

And then, Roger Ebert died. I changed my priorities temporarily, but I have decided to switch back to my original goal of the 1001 list.

Why? Firstly, it’s a longer list which means that I think it is more worth a bucket list place. The main reason is that it regularly updates with new films being added to the mix. Yes, it means it is more volatile, but it also has a lot more variety due to the purpose being a guide to see all different angles of cinema.

Also, since I am now fast approaching a year since this blog started I am also looking to add/extend some longer running lists, with this being the first to more than double in size.

If you have any suggestions of other things please comment below!



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