Good Eatin’: Mexican at Mestizo

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

I have been trying to get someone to go to Mestizo for Mexican food since I  saw that they had a number of list items… this was months ago and I only managed to get a visit in because of it was my birthday. It was lucky that we were able to eat there since they had a booking for 25 people due… so we said we would be able to order and eat within an hour (and what do you know, we managed to).

Food items: Tamale and Mole

I have been hoping to eat some of these steamed packets of deliciousness for a very long time. They are something that I have only ever seen on one menu and they will be the reason that I shall be returning to Mestizo very soon. The corn-based dough meant that it tasted like it was fluffy steamed polenta and inside there was chicken in mole sauce. To be honest I could have just eaten a plate of these and not had anything else.

Food items: Empanadas and Huitlacoche

Huitlacoche (also known as Mexican truffles or corn smut) is one of the weirder things that is on the food list. I mean, trust humans to find a way to take a  pestilence and turn it into a delicacy. Only one of these four empanadas contained the mushroom and it was very clear which one since the filling was jet black. In terms of flavour it was mushroomy with a hint of corn and something I could not put my finger on (maybe aniseed) and had a mushy consistency.

Food item: Tomatillo

Okay, I am the first to admit that these enchiladas look like they have been covered in something that comes out of one end of a baby but it certainly did not taste that way (thank god). The part of the sauce formed by the tomatillo was fairly easy to tell since it had a taste similar to that of a tomato but with a delightfully sour edge. The more interesting part of the sauce was that the tomatillo was able to blend so easily with the taste of the garlic and the chilli. It made for a mild and fresh sauce for the chicken enchiladas.

Progress: 257/500

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