Good Eatin’: Hitting The Half Way Point

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

So, I started doing this (as time of writing) just under six months ago with mooncake being the first one. I have to say that I am amazed at how easy it has been to find a number of the items (like guanciale and cantabrian boquerone), but I guess that is one of the major benefits of living in such an international city like London.

So, here it goes with the 250th food item ticked off being:

Food item: Manuka Honey

That’s right, Manuka honey . This is the only honey I have ever seen inside of one of those plastic boxes that bleep if you shoplift it because, and this is true, middle class white people were stealing it because it’s pretty damned pricey. Thanks be to Morrison’s for having this expensive honey in the form of a tester pot.

So what is there to say about this expensive honey that is food item #250? It’s darker and more orange than regular honey. It has a herbal flavour with a slight hint of menthol and is not as sweet as regular honey. I mean it’s an interesting taste but I am guessing it is worth it for the supposed health benefits rather than the taste… then again I would never eat honey on toast so who am I to judge.

Food item: Cottage Cheese

Despite mentioning almost a year ago that it was time to get my arse into gear and lose some weight I only started doing something about it properly in October after a realisation at a friend’s wedding that I could probably be rolled down a hill like some sort of cheese wheel.

Speaking of cheese it’s time to get back into my favourite dieting food: cottage cheese. I don’t care whether it has pineapple in it or whether it is plain I just love the fresh taste and the texture. I could happily eat a pot of eat in one go… and considering you can get 0% fat versions I might start doing so…

Food item: Citron

Korean food is something of a more recent introduction to my life and now I have a pretty full loyalty card to Kimchee. Recently I tasted their citron tea which was pretty much like having a bitter lemon tea which was really refreshing. Another thing that I would have again.

Progress: 252/500


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