Melting in Sicily – Siricusa

 Day Three – Siricusa

An hour and a quarter by Interbus allowed us to end up in Siricusa (also known as Syracuse, the home of Greek scientist Archimedes). It was one of the places that we knew we had to visit but,  as is the way of these things, we had to choose whether to visit Ortygia in the south or the archaeological park in the north; so we chose ruins. We were not disappointed.

Okay, the cats were cute… but the rest of the park was amazing.

I had never seen Grecian ruins in the flesh before (Roman? Yes. Egyptian? Yes.) and here I was, standing at an amazingly well preserved Grecian theatre. The fact that I could feel my various exposed body parts (head and arms only) slowly burning in the afternoon sun did not hinder my wonder of this ruin. It made me feel tired and  dehydrated but I just wanted to keep walking around to see all that I could.

In the same park there was also the Ear of Dionysius, a man made cave which was used to house prisoners since the incredibly echoey acoustics makes it easy to hear any confessions they might make. Aside from the sheer wealth of echoes inside the cave it amazed me how dark it was not too far in… would not have wanted to be held captive in there.Sadly, due to bus times, we could not see too much more of the sites of Siracusa (although this conical church was rather interesting) which means I do have to go back one day… but I would not stay there since Catania is a whole lot nicer in terms of where the hotels are.

Food item: Baba

We had skipped lunch (something that became a regular on this trip because of a lot of walking and too high a temperature) so we were slightly peckish on our arrival back in Catania. I supplemented this with a baba pastry soaked in rum and a chocolate granita. The baba was firm and incredibly moist due to all the alcohol, as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol it is a bit odd that rum-flavoured syrup is something I enjoy (then again rum-raisin is one of my favourite flavours).

Food item: Squid ink

Later, for dinner, I had squid pasta served in a sauce of its own ink. It was interesting since it was nowhere near as salty as I had expected, in fact it had a distinctly umami flavour. The main problem I had, apart from the service in the restaurant where I ate this (where the waiter who, at first, appeared rather dishy became tiresome) and that it would have been nice for half a bowl but it was a lot of pasta for just one distinct flavour.

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