Being Traditional

List item: Start a tradition… and keep it alive for over a decade
Status: Completed

Picture the scene. It is the December of 1998 and we are putting the Christmas decorations up. By we… I mean my mum as I had recently turned nine and this was an exhausting task since it took us literally all day. This would leave her incredibly tired and a bit sick of the Disney version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ which I insisted on playing on repeat as Clarabelle Cow would have been in stitches.

Since this was something that began to resonate with me I decided that I would cook dinner that evening for my mum as a way to be nice. Being me I was a more ambitious and rather than something like beans on toast I wanted to cook something special (since we were putting the deccies up) and there was a Delia Smith recipe for Soufleed Macaroni Cheese… and a tradition was born.

Now, this is something that we never took pictured of until I realised something after serving up spoonfuls of steaming fluffy macaroni cheese… 16 years of making this dish without fail without putting up the Christmas decorations counts as a tradition. Just a tradition that is slightly unusual.

I realise now that making this actually taught me a lot about cooking that I never thought about before. It taught me how to fold egg whites in order to keep as much air in your food as possible. It taught me how to whisk egg whites into peak like a mad boss so you can tip a mixing bowl upside down and it will not fall out. It taught me that when making a complex dish that preparation is key to reducing stress. Finally, it taught me that sometimes things go wrong when cooking, but you just have to let it go and learn from the mistake.

This is so delicious, and if you want the recipe you can find it on my old cooking blog.

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