NaNoWriMo: Well… That Was Fast

102210_nanowrimo2List item: Complete a work of fiction (novel, novella, play etc.)
Status: In Progress

UntitledList item: Complete NaNoWriMo
Status: Completed

Okay, so this was a challenge that made to last a month and, being the anally organised person I am, I somehow managed to get to 50,000 words in 16 days (aka last night).

The thing is, that this novel is not finished. I mean, I have gotten to 50,000 words which is a WHOLE lotta work. However,  I know from the notes and the story in my head that I am probably about two thirds of the way through which means the end of the first draft might end up closer to 80,000 words.

I was left with just under 14,000 words left on the Friday night I figured that I had two choices. I could either plough near all the weekend long and try to get it done with a few weeks to go, or I could go at a slower pace to drag it out a little bit longer. I chose to go down the route of the former for one (really soppy reason): I missed spending my evenings with my engagement partner as writing a couple thousand words a night meant a lot of time upstairs at my desk with a lot of caffeine, my notebook, post-its and Chile, my cuddly penguin.


I don’t think there are words to describe the pride (and the relief) that I am feeling now that I have been able to complete the NaNoWriMo Challenge. To be honest, I almost didn’t mention that I was going to do that on here since I was fairly sure that I might end up failing or getting bored or just having so much writer’s block that I wouldn’t get more than 7,000 words done.

I am still going to block the rest of November out, mainly because I had already made posts for December and I would not mind getting slightly more ahead. This is also because I have ~20 food items to write up and a few albums that I listened to during the writing.

It is my hope that I will finish this novel soon, but for now I am happy to be sitting on my couch and catching up with episodes of @midnight.


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