Good Eatin’: Pasta With My Mum

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

So mum invited myself and my partner around for lunch on a Sunday. Always good to have a meal made by the person who got me into cooking since I am pretty much always assured a great meal (there was that one time when I was 6 where I was adamant that she was poisoning me because she put leek in the macaroni cheese… but I got over that).

 Food Item: Elderflower

Since I don’t drink (and my mum doesn’t want me to feel left out) she got me some elderflower fizz. It helps that it matched with the Prosecco.

As list items go this is a great one to get ticked off since it is the first one in the entire list. I love elderflower cordials and presses because they are so very sweet and a little of it really goes a long way. I don’t usually like to go for drinks for the food items (pure juice is an excepiton) but this is a use specifically mentioned in the book so I figured that it would count.

Food Item: Hass Avocado

For these I may have just seen them on mum’s windowsill and asked if we could have them included in the salad. To be honest for book that is usually very specific when it comes to the varieties of fruit and vegetables I don’t think I have ever seen a non-Hass avocado in the UK (which makes sense since it accounts for 80% of avocado production). Having been stood out for a while these were perfectly ripe and would have made for great guacamole.

Food Item: Pancetta  Food Item: Aceto Balsamico Traditionale

In the pasta dish there were both of the above food items included as well as some basil, cherry tomatoes and a lot of parmesan cheese. I have asked for the recipe to this… but I don’t have it yet which makes me sad as I really do love this dish.

The balsamic vinegar really brings out the flavours in the tomatoes and makes a delicious sauce. Maybe one day I’ll get the recipe and be able to make this myself. Anyway, dessert time!

Food Item: Ganache Chocolate

This was so incredibly rich. If you have never had ganache before think of fudge… now make it almost entirely out of chocolate; that’s ganache. This dessert is meant to serve six people but the three of us managed to polish it off no question. There are times when I go wonder if people put these serving suggestions on desserts as some form of challenge.

Progress: 160/500

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