Good Eatin’: The ‘Local’ Chinese Takeaway

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

As of writing this I  have been informed (after a wait of about a month)that I am off of my fixed-term contract and have been made permanent. It means being moved off of my amazing team (probably going to cry when the move actually happens) but I now have an element of financial security. So win overall.

To celebrate this we got Chinese takeout from Ocean City Swallow which, whilst not the closest place, is the best in the vicinity of home delivery.  I did not expect it to be such a treasure trove for food list items though…

Food Item: Liege Waffle

Okay, so this was from my local Morrisons and I was happy (and surprised) to find Liege waffles there. I’ve had this in Belgium before and loved them, especially when they were warm. Thing is these are not as good as the ones I had in Bruges but they are still fluffy, delicious and with the occasional minor crunch of a piece of granulated sugar.

Food Item: Octopus

What I love about this takeaway is that some Japanese food also appears on here, this means I was able to get myself some takoyaki aka octopus balls. I enjoyed the fluffy batter (more so with the addition of the lemon juice). The octopus itself (which was diced into cubes) was chewy, salty and with a fishy aftertaste. Basically it was like a slightly meatier squid and I did enjoy looking inside and seeing the purple tentacle with mini suckers attached.

Food Item: Cashew Nuts, Yellow Bean Sauce, Water Chestnuts

Okay so roast pork in yellow bean sauce is one of my favourite things that we can get (that and the singapore-style ho fan) from Ocean City Swallow. It’s hard to describe the yellow bean sauce since it’s got a slightly salty and sweet quality that really works well with the red pork and the crunchy water chestnuts. It’s something I tend to use (cookery wise) when making my own red pork.

Cashew nuts are easily my favourite of all nuts and, much like macadamia nuts, enjoy them the most when salted and covered in chocolate. I’m not exactly the healthiest.

Progress: 155/500

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