Level One: Counter-Strike: Source & Tetris

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 62/100Title: Counter Strike: Source
Developer: Valve
Platform: PC
Year: 2004
Position: #56

You have to hand it to people at Valve for pushing a concept that could cause enough controversy that could give them trouble from high levels. In Counter Strike: Source (a very well executed update of the original Counter Strike game) you can either take on the role of soldiers or terrorists in a good old-fashioned game of first-person shooter cat and mouse. As a terrorist you mission criteria usually involves blowing shit up, as a soldier it is up to you to prevent that from happening.

The way that this plays out is a series of short (well, it depends how good you are) team-based missions on one of a good number of maps. At this moment it sounds a lot like (the very much amazing) Team Fortress but it’s got a very different spirit  since there is no cartoonish humour and, most importantly, once you die you stay dead until the round is over. You also have the ability to buy realistic weapons for your team based on how well you did in the previous rounds, something which really causes things to ramp up.

Much like Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and Timesplitters it is a game that is best enjoyed with multiplayer being used to the fullest… but it is still a lot of fun solo.

TetrisLogo_4cProcess_RTitle: Tetris
Developer: Alexej Pajitnov
Platform: Pretty much everything by now
Year: 1985
Position: #25

Tetris aka one of the most addictive games is something that is so engrained in our gaming culture that pretty much everyone with a passing knowledge of technology will have played this at some point. What else is there to say apart from that I wouldn’t mind some of the hours back that this game stole from me.

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