Me and My Cocktail Cabinet


This is our cocktail cabinet. It was my main Christmas present to my partner last year since he has talked on and off about wanting to have the fixings for a decent liqueur cabinet. I know next to nothing about alcohol so had to get some help in putting this together. Still, this has meant that my inner 50s housewife sometimes emerges as I make him cocktails in an evening.

List item: Learn how to make cocktails
Status: Complete (but always learning)

Since getting my partner his cabinet filled with alcoholic goodies I have made a wide variety of different cocktails. Now, whilst I have not taken pictures of all of them (as that would be a lot of pictures of liquid). So instead I have included pictures of three different ones that went down rather well.

countrybreeze Country Breeze

spiritualenlightenmentSpiritual Enlightenment

tequilasunriseTequila Sunrise

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Food Item: Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco Sauce and Cape Gooseberry

Well, you can not make a decent Bloody Mary (or in the case of my drink, a Bloody Shame) without Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco now can you? The pepper spice mix and the smoky heat just makes the tomato juice work more for you. For some reason a Bloody Shame with some dry crackers cures my stomach if it gets too acidic… no clue why.

I didn’t have any celery to hand here so instead I used some physalis (aka cape gooseberry) as an edible garnish; obviously I removed the leafy outsides first. The sweet and sour citrusy burst worked well after it had been steeped in tomato juice, maybe someting to remember if I ever open a cocktail bar…

Progress: 109/500

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