Good Eatin’: Samphire and Salad

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

I’m getting incredibly close to the one hundred mark and seeing how I am low on the cheese, fish and meat I guess I should get one of those in as my 100th since it is a bit of a landmark after all. Last post, I was a fair bit away but this is a bit of a 4-in-1.

Food Item: Cider Vinegar and Moutarde de Dijon

I had already earmarked these two ingredients as part of a glaze for roast pork but since I couldn’t really taste them I thought better of it. Instead they are now being to make salad dressing for some left over bacon and halloumi.

A very simple recipe (found here) but I don’t have any canola oil at my disposal so used groundnut oil instead. Also, just to make it easier, I put all the ingredients into a cheap sports bottle and shaked the living tar out of it. Made for a well combined salad dressing.

Food Item: Romaine Lettuce

It’s in the book as cos lettuce but I barely see it called that (even if it says on Wikipedia that it’s called cos lettuce in the UK).  Unlike regular iceberg lettuce this lettuce actually has a taste and if I have any left over I tend to stir-fry it with other things. In terms of taste it is fresh, crisp and a level of bitterness and sweetness that varied upon how deep into the lettuce you get.

Food Item: Marsh Samphire

And so we reach the first ingredient on my journey where I probably won’t go out of my way to have it again. Then again it may not have helped that I cooked it on it’s own (mind you with some butter and ground black pepper) and it would be better eaten with something else.

The best way to describe this food would be as ‘asparagus of the sea’. It’s a bit of an acquired taste which is salty and… well salty. When it’s briefly boiled the samphire becomes tender and can be stripped from it’s woody centre using the tips of your teeth. I can imagine that with a proper sauce and some meat or fish accompanying it that I would have enjoyed the samphire a lot more, but not by itself.

Progress: 98/500

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