Good Eatin’: Crumpets, Marmite and Broccoli

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Don’t worry I didn’t eat them together. This just happened to be some of the 1001 food list items that I ate in one day in separate meals. I can’t imagine that they would all taste good together.

Food Item: Crumpets and Yeast Extract

It’s in the list as “yeast extract” but it’s probably only because they didn’t want to include brand name in the book… but it so clearly is a reference to Marmite. Luckily when it comes to the whole “love it or hate it” thing I am clearly on the love side. In fact thanks to eating it for the blog I have gotten right back into this, even taking cheese and Marmite sandwiches into work. I actually remember taking a jar of Marmite into a cinema with a spoon when I was trying to lose weight. It may be black and salty but it is VERY low in fat.

Marmite is perfectly paired with crumpets. The spongy nature of the crumpet means that as the butter melts on top it sinks through and flavours the whole thing; now imagine this as a butter-Marmite mixture. There really are not many better ways to start out the day.

Food Item: Purple Sprouting Broccoli

This picture is with the cider vinegar and Dijon mustard because originally this meal was going to count for three. I made a pork joint with the vinegar and mustard being used in a glaze alongside soy sauce and honey. Thing is, you couldn’t taste them… so it didn’t count. Which means that I spent my a lot of evening chipping burnt glaze off the bottom of my roasting tin.

As for the broccoli, I had been ordering it from my online shop for weeks only to have it substituted again and again. Good thing there is a Little Waitrose in the high street. To cook it I firstly blanched the florets for a few minutes and then I immediately stir-fried it in Korean chilli paste and garlic. The end result was meaty (which shows I have underestimated broccoli yet again) and spicy. A good thing I enjoy experimenting frying things with certain other things.

Progress: 87/500


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