I Was Feeling Very Sleepy

This was one of the first non-travel things to enter my bucket list when I started making it a few years ago and whilst I don’t have a video showing it I do have the ticket… to the show where I was hypnotised.

List Item: Be hypnotised
Progress: Completed Scan 24 Mar 2014 20_58-page21

So as you can tell from the ticket I scanned above this show was about a year ago. My partner and his best friend are both fans of Derren Brown and so the three of us went (with another friend, hi Rob!) to see his Infamous show.

The show was great was per usual (this is my second of his shows and my mini-crush was present) and he gets to a bit that required audience participation. In the last show I saw this required people to write down a “secret confession” but this time he tried out a mass hypnosis/trance state thing which everyone gets up and has a go at.

Now, from here my memory of it gets a bit sketchy. Considering I was still fresh from finishing my NQT year as a teacher I was probably incredibly susceptible to entering a “trance state” and ended up being one of the last twenty or so in the theatre that was under (this included a woman who struggled to wake up). At one point during this he was apparently standing right behind me talking… not that I noticed.

The whole idea was to create a feeling of relaxation and I remember during this that when the instruction was given to wake up I REALLY did not want to wake up. I saw things very vividly in my head (I am describing this in detail since the people behind me in the theatre asked what it was like).

The main instructions were to visualise things we loved and to basically walk through doors and down stairs into different places. The main things I can remember seeing were the mountains in Slovenia, a field and the lecture theatre at university we used to show films in. After I woke up I felt so contented and it dawned on me that I needed to change my job as soon as possible… about a year later and I’m feeling what I felt back when I was under. Maybe Derren Brown’s thing led me to this.


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