Good Eatin’: Some Odds and Ends

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Like with my previous post regarding snacks this food update is a bit of a hodge-podge of a number of different meals I have had over the last month since it’s hard to include multiple food list entrants in one meal unless you try hard or are doing it to try and cross a number of them off.

Food Item: Chimichurri

God bless Tesco and their incredibly wide-ranging Ingredients range. I’ve made my own chimichurri sauce before but since the recipes for this Argentine sauce are so wide ranging I figured I’d go premade for this list and maybe make my own some other time.

In this case it was used on a steak sandwich and it was a delicious blend of herbs (coriander leaf and parsley being the more obvious ones in this incarnation) and an underlying piquancy due to the presence of garlic and some red chilli.

Later that week I minced some chimichurri and lime juice into chicken to make burgers and they tasted very much like something I had in a Thai restaurant many years ago. Goes to show it isn’t just for manly steak sandwiches.

Food Item: (English) Muffin

I have never been able to poach an egg. My mum has never been able to poach an egg. For the above Eggs Benedict she learnt how to and it was the best version of the dish I had ever had. The eggs were perfect and the Hollandaise sauce we got from Borough Market is possibly the best Hollandaise sauce I had ever had.

I love muffins (and they are not English muffins, just muffins). I think they are among the lesser appreciate English breakfast breads since they have become synonymous with the (gorgeous) McMuffins. But who cares, they are bready and that odd place where airy and stodgey are able to meet. They are also delicious with Marmite and cheese.

Food Item: Coconut Milk

This was a bit of a happy accident since we bought a Satay Sauce packet and on the way to the checkout I saw we needed to get some coconut milk for this. Now I know that Light Coconut Milk is an option but… it congeals and separates as it cooks and it makes food look a bit rank unless you heat it just right. Still tastes fine… just not as good as full fat (unlike the situation with mayonnaise where I prefer the taste of reduced fat).

Progress: 58/500


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