Sometimes I Like To Stuff My Face… So What!?

Whilst I would consider myself a foodie I am not over going for something less than formal… which explains my visit to the establishment below:

Little-WuList Item: Attend an all you can eat buffet
Progress: Completed

Now, the reason I went here with my partner was to celebrate my first paycheck in my new (and great) job. Since I had to take a sizeable pay cut to get this job we didn’t exactly go somewhere ‘fancy’ but I have not been to a Chinese buffet in YEARS. So, we went to Little Wu in London’s Chinatown on a Friday evening… which was chocca.

Considering the price of £6.95 you know you are not going to get the most amazing food. It’s fine. I mean the satay chicken was nice (if you can get over the thick layer of oil floating on top of the sauce) as were the spring rolls and the noodles.

Now whilst I do appreciate the continuous bringing out of fresh food it gets annoying that after a long queue to the buffet that the moment you get the thing you want (like the ribs or the chicken satay) that a waiter comes along, lifts a half-empty tray and takes it away. I was left standing there (twice) feeling rather crestfallen that the thing I really wanted to eat was taken away AND I had irritated people behind me so I had to move on. If that happens one, fine. But twice? Ugh.

Here’s the thing, if I was to go out for nice Chinese food I would not go there. I would go to nearby places like Lido or New World. But if you are desperate for a buffet it’s okay.

 List Item: Eat too much
Progress: Completed

 I am not at all condoning the regular act of eating until you spew…but maybe experience it once in your life. It makes you feel satisfied, then slow, then sick and then sleepy. All the descriptors beginning with S.


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