Good Eatin’: After The Dinner Party

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

In order to prepare for the elegant dinner party I needed to pay a visit to Borough Market to get courgette blossoms. I did this with my mum and organised a brunch date the morning afterwards (since I assumed correctly that I would have some of the brioche pudding left over) and as such the morning after was a continuation of the list foods.

Food Item: Cherimoya

First things first, we opened up a piece of new fruit. This was labelled as ‘custard apple’ at the stall and (luckily?) I have been reading the book and this name rang a bell. Lo and behold we had a cherimoya on our hands.

The taste? The best new fruit that I have had for this list. I can see why it was desribed by Mark Twain as the “most delicious fruit known to man”. It was custard like in texture and a sweetness in the ballpark of banana and vanilla. This is the reason why the fruits are my favourite part of the book.

So, what did we have for brunch? Well everything (apart from the saurkraut and potato salad) came from Borough Market…

Food Item: Caraway, Mayonnaise, Bavarian Sweet Mustard, Thuringer Rostbratwurst

It’s actually really lucky that the German Deli do the (oddly) specific type of bratwurst for the list. Is it any nicer than regular German bratwurst? To be honest I could not notice too much of a difference since, in the end, it’s just shades of delicious. My nan would be so proud.

The Bavarian Sweet Mustard and Grandmother’s Bread (a dense rye bread with a heavy dose of caraway) made for the accompaniment for these sausages. It’s always a little odd for me when I have sweet mustard since despite me telling myself it’s sweet… I always have to do a double take. A bit like when you are walking down a broken escalator; you know it won’t move but your body just wants to jolt forward out of habit.

This was a delicious (and expensive) brunch. Although I was full very quickly… I don’t think I had fully digested the gnocchi from the night before.

Progress: 41/500

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