A Trip To The West-End

Okay I am not at all saying that this is the first time that I have been to see a West End show in my life. That would be untrue and would not do justice to the many amazing things I have seen live. Antony and Cleopatra with Patrick Stewart and Harriet Walter back in 2006 has some cache amongst my theatre friends (as does seeing Wicked when Idina Menzel as part of the cast… apparently).

I do love going to the theatre but the price of tickets can be very off-putting. Same thing goes for the times when a show you enjoyed closes suddenly and you don’t really understand why (for me this was Betty Blue Eyes).

List Item: See a West End show
Progress: Completed

I now get to get to count this as a blog item due to having evidence in form of a ticket and a programme (thanks again Luke for that):

The 39 StepsThis was actually the second time I have seen The 39 Steps on stage, meaning it now has the weird honour of being one of two things I have seen more than once in the West End. The other being Avenue Q which I also saw twice.

I love The 39 Steps because it really is like nothing else I have ever seen on stage. In many ways it is an exercise in organised chaos. It is so impeccably rehearsed yet looks off the cuff and ad-libbed. The fact that they took an a pulpy (but serious) story and turned it into a farce. A very well-executed farce at that.

The Criterion Theatre is a lovely underground theatre, with oddly strong 3G signal, placed on Piccadilly Circus. It is ornate, cosy and is oddly pink on the inside. Still, it is a brilliant show and worth a looksie (as you can see I got my ticket for £15 so it’s not like it will break the bank). I would say more but my friend already wrote a review… so click here!

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