Music Monday: Dare by The Human League

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 17/250

Dare-coverTitle: Dare
Artist: The Human League
Year: 1981
Position: #248 (Previously: #235)

The Human League are an oddity for me. I have previously mentioned how they were one of the first bands I took notice of thanks to both of my parents and the release of the single ‘Tell Me When’ around the time I began to take notice of music but not quite begun to make my own distinct musical choices. Looking at how many artists I listen to are derived from the sound of Dare it is easy to see how early exposure to this shaped my listening habits.

Unlike many artists on this list with only one entry (like Kate Bush and Ray CharlesDare is an example of an album where everything seemed to slot together for a group (with this being their third album) and then afterwards releasing albums that, to be honest, are inconsistent at best. Post-Dare there are still great singles like ‘Stay With Me Tonight’, ‘Human’, ‘Keep Feeling (Fascination)’ and ‘Tell Me When’ but the ability to create a good album dissolved.

Maybe it was the fact that the band was in such a state of flux that this album ended up working as well as it does. The fact that this became such a defining moment of synth-pop (and was one of the first albums to really do this sort of music and be successful at it)  is probably why it has remained as big as it is. As much as I like Dare I still have tracks I skip over (‘Get Carter’ and ‘I Am The Law’) which ends with this being a rather short 8-track listen… with ‘Don’t You Want Me’ acting as a finale. Which is still amazing to this day and I have rather fond memories singing along to it in the car.


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