Good Eatin’: Jersey Royal’s Ain’t What They Used To Be

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Someone like me should not be allowed anywhere lists, I get too obsessed. Today on my way home from work I was looking around for a place to get kimchi since the office is apparently near a bunch of Korean restaurants.

Anyway, today’s food list items were all consumed on the same day. Part of some blog-related meal planning that doing a weekly ASDA shop allows for.

Food Items: Jersey Royal Potatoes and French Beans

The title of my post was a not so subtle link to a realisation I had when eating Jersey Royals. They don’t taste as good as when I was a child. True they still had that nuttiness I remembered with the paper-thin skin that would be sacrilege to peel off… but they didn’t taste as good. I looked around online to see if I just didn’t cook them properly but this appears to be a common thought.

Apparently long gone are the days of the brief season of delicious Jersey Royals in the mid-late Spring in favour of a bi-annual crop that doesn’t receive the same care and attention. Probably goes a long way to explain why they don’t taste as good. At least the French beans tasted good, for once I cooked them within the Goldilocks zone so they weren’t too squeaky.

Food: Bagel

Bagels are a common Sunday-night dinner for myself and the partner. My personal preference is for onion bagels since not only do they taste good but the kitchen smells great after they’ve come out of the sandwich press. However, when eating them with garlic and herb Philidephia and smoked salmon an onion bagel is a tad overkill. So yes, I prefer my bagel the traditional way, with ‘lox’ (just let me have this one) and ‘schmear’.

Food: Milk Chocolate

What can one say about milk chocolate? It’s delicious, it releases a lot of endorphins and when you have a Lindt Easter egg in your cupboard sometimes it just makes sense to dive in head-first.

Progress: 21/500


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