The Great E.U. Quest – Belgium

 List Item: Visit all EU countries
Progress: 12/28

Belgium_Flag_bigCountry: Belgium
Year first visited: 1999

Sad fact to get me started off here. I was unsure when I first visited Belgium but then remembered that whilst I was there I purchased the Belgian entry for Eurovision that year; it’s comforting how some things never change. So I know that I first went to Belgium in 1999. Thank you Vanessa Chinitor.

As of now I have been to both Brussels and Bruges which are, with the addition of Antwerp, the main places you get told to visit when you go over to Belgium. Since I have no idea where the photographs of my trip to Brussels are I will focus mainly on my first visit which was to the chocolate-loving, lace-producing, beer-brewing city of Bruges (apologies if this causes offense but my main memories involve these three things, and of course, how beautiful it was.)

belgium2The trip to Bruges was made as a celebration for my grandparents (pictured below with a triple-chinned me) who were celebrating a major wedding anniversary. Seeing how this was some time ago I am going to make an educated guess that this would have been 40 years of marriage.belgium1Being that this was a trip made 15 years ago there are some gaps in my memory banks but there are some things I remember clearly. Like the argument my parents had trying to find the hotel as we drove in circles and I pretended to be asleep in the back seat. This amazing coffee shop that had a roaring fire and free chocolates. Singing ‘C’est La Vie’ by B*Witched with my mum as we walked through the streets in the evening.

Then there is one of the more vivid memories; the trip back from Bruges. We got there and back by SeaCat which was a high speed catamaran service. On the return trip the waters in the Channel were particularly choppy…and I had a particularly greasy lunch of chicken and chips (it’s amazing what things stick in your memory). So I was sick violently sick projectile vomited… over my father. My aim was impressive since my stuffed dog Patch, who was lying on the table in front of me, escaped and remained vomit-free. I spent the rest of the trip outside in the freezing cold with my mum in an effort to make me feel less sick (and presumably my dad went to clean himself up).


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