As If I Wasn’t Already Obsessed With Food

I have a thing for food. If you know me personally this is like me saying that my hair is red. Thing is, whilst I may have a weight ‘issue’ it’s not like I sit at home eating only ready meals and frozen pizzas. I don’t think I have had a ready meal for a very long time (Morrisons brand macaroni cheese if I recall correctly).

Don’t get me wrong I know that it is things like bread, chocolate and general hatred for exercise that isn’t walking that has lead to this ‘issue’ but I like to think of myself as a semi-adventurous eater. Okay I’ll stay away from sweetcorn since the smell makes me wretch but I love trying new things.

So, the coming together of this bucket list, blog, love of lists and love of food meant I had to get a copy of this book which appears to be out of print:

Now, whilst I am aware that this is a book of 1001 foods there are a number of foods that I am unlikely to be able to afford (Coco-de-mer), be able to access (Akita Hinai-jidori chicken and Marionberries) and there are some that repulse me outright (bee larvae) so I am going to make this target a bit more manageable which could be extended in the future:

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 0/500

I have eaten a number of these in the past but I am going to start from scratch and follow some rules:

  1. It only counts if it is the dominant flavour
  2. It does not matter how it is prepared (juice, pickled, raw)
  3. Where possible I will personally cook with it (if applicable)

If you want to see the whole list and/or want to help me complete this I would love comments on this page or over here.

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