Walking Like An ‘Egyptian’

 Time to delve back into my childhood to tick another few items off. It was February 1998, B*Witched had yet to score the first of their four consecutive number one singles and I was on a trip to Egypt (Cairo to be more specific).egypt1As you can see, by 1998 the childhood obesity was settling in a lot more than during my trip to France in 1996.

Anyway, so on this 5-day trip to Egypt we stayed firmly in the Northern half staying in Cairo and having a regular cab driver ferrying us around and supplying us with citrus fruit (possibly clementines… but who knows). It was a world completely alien to me despite the unit of currency being the pound.

As with all things as an 8 year old some things are far more vivid than others. Seeing Tutankhamen’s death mask and the queue leading up to seeing it being one of them. I can only imagine how angry people are who have booked a trip to Egypt to see this marvel only to have their visit coincide with the mask being in another country as part of a touring exhibit. Luckily this did not happen to me.

Aside from a trip to Memphis, being petrified every time we had to cross the road, the constant advertisements for an ABBA boxset appearing on the television and me finding it hilarious that my dad came down with stomach issues with the food whilst my mum and myself got out unscathed there are two main memories that really link to this blog.

egypt2List Item: Visit the Great Pyramids
Progress: Completed

We were in Cairo so how could we not go to Giza and see the Great Pyramids? Well we did and we even had lunch there (at the local Pizza Hut with an amazing view over the complex). Back then I don’t think I was really old enough to appreciate the sheer scale of what I was seeing (although like many I did find the Sphinx to be smaller than expected) since it is truly hard to fathom just how old these things are. Similarly it is also hard to comprehend the work that went into constructing them. I hope to see them again through adult eyes so I can appreciate them more. However there is something I will not be doing again… camelrideList Item: Ride something unusual (elephant/giraffe/camel etc)
Progress: Completed

I had apparently blocked this morsel out of my head when making my list since when I came across this photo a few weeks ago the whole expereience came flooding back to me. Until you are up on one of these bad boys there is no way to appreciate how tall they are! It probably wouldn’t be as bad now that I am a fully grown 6’3” but still… I’ll happily not get up on a camel again.


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