Notice of Less Posts + A New List Item

Right, this post today is not me ticking off another item on my bucket list nor is it an update about me getting closer to accomplishing one of the longer list items.

Since I started this blog about a month ago there have been posts every day since there are a number of things that I have already done and I wanted to get myself a bit up to date. However, I am beginning to run low on things that I have already done so instead of leaving this blog a ghost town with a post every fortnight I will start to ration out the updates which allow me to be more timely when I actually accomplish something.

In other news, I would like to thank one of my readers TeeJay for sending in a suggestion for something to be added to the list:

 You’ve never smoked your own Meat/Fish/Cheese and that is definitely something that needs to be added to your bucket list 🙂

So, as of posting this the bucket list now has a new item on it and I will be looking at how much a smoker is.

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