Level One: Cave Story+ and League of Legends

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 54/100

As much as I love our video game blog there is a slight irritation that comes with it. The way we work is that we post every 3-4 days but we have a built in buffer of games from times where we go for weekend gaming binges. What this means is that there are games that I have played from the 100 Greatest Games list that will not be published for months.

Cave-Story-PlusTitle: Cave Story +
Developer: Studio Pixel
Platform: PC
Year: 2011
Position: #73

In our blog review Jeroen pretty much wrote everything. This does seem a bit naughty of me since that blog is a joint venture but… let’s just say that things were getting a bit hectic in my personal life at the time so I did not have the time to write anything. Things really have changed now and when we get to posts that go out in July things get fairer (but now I write this blog daily I am writing on here more).

Since the link covers pretty much all I would say I get to spend more time on a game I really enjoyed.

Title: League of Legends
Developer: Riot Games
Platform: PC
Year: 2009
Position: #22

I have logged plenty of hours on this game and was introduced to it through a friend. It quickly became a minor addiction of mine which I have tried to distance myself from somewhat since (to be honest) as much as I enjoy League of Legends I am really quite crap at it.

Like the other game in this post League of Legends is free-to-play and relies on people spending money in order to unlock new characters more quickly (since if you play enough games you can do that for free), purchase new outfits for your characters or to buy runes which power up whichever character you choose play.

The game itself is simple and is based on Defense of the Ancients. The objective (of most games) is to destroy the enemy team’s base. I say most since there are other modes… but the one most people actually focus on is the base and tower destroying option.

The community and the scope for team creation is gigantic.  With 118 different characters to choose from (ranging from the typical bulkly tank to the frail healer and pretty much everything in between) and an average of 27 million people playing this game every day you never get the same experience twice. Of course I have had some bad experiences with players on my team being rather abusive but Team Riot have dealt with that by installing reports and a ‘Tribunal’ feature.

As a game the variety is the original thing that draws you in since there are so many things to have a go at. It keeps you on the hook through quick progression and the fact that once you find people you enjoy playing with you will go back for more and more. The only quibble I have with this is that the tutorial is far from exhaustive and new players feel incredibly daunted having been dumped into the game after basic controls instruction. Then again, that is where the games huge fanbase and online presence comes in with wikis and even a section on QuizUp to satisfy your curiosity.

If you are reading this and are a League of Legends player and are keen to play with someone who favours support characters like Sona and Karma when give me a buzz. Always happy to find new people to play with that don’t being trailed and healed.


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