CPR and Staying Alive

Whilst I was at university I ran the student cinema. It was, in many ways, the best year of my life since it is the time where I was able to follow my passion and be around many like-minded people. Just a pity adult life isn’t like that.

Anyway, being part of this group and running the student cinema meant that I needed to be trained in First Aid in case something happened during a screening.

List Item: Learn First Aid
Progress: Completed


Nothing ever did happen that required me to administer first aid in the cinema. I’m thankful for this small mercy since I always did the chest compressions a bit to fast, despite using ‘Staying Alive’ by The Bee Gees as a metronome.

This doesn’t mean that nothing health related ever happened. We did find someone’s syringe and insulin whilst cleaning up after a screening. Then there was the time we saw people doing drugs during a showing of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (as if that film wasn’t trippy enough).

Still, despite the fact that my first aid training is technically out of date it is reassuring to know that I have the knowledge to treat burns which is probably on par with ‘Cure Light Wounds’ in an RPG.

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