The Great E.U. Quest – U.K. and France

List Item: Visit all EU countries
Progress: 12/28

Now, when I wrote the post opening up my quest to visit all countries in the EU I mentioned trying to find proof for each country that I have visited. The problem with this being that due to a re-organizing at my mum’s place a number of photos have gone missing. This means that for now I am without photos I can use for three of the EU countries I have been to (as well as photos for other list items). Still, if and when they turn up they’ll be added here in a post.

I won’t really write much for the UK since, you know, I was born and currently live there so I’m going to focus more on another nation. france-flagCountry: France
Year first visited: 1996

Right, I say 1996 here since I am counting the first time I actually spent the night there and not the booze cruises I was party to prior to this (I did enjoy getting the ham and cheese Monster Munch from Carrefour).

Instead the photos I have are from a trip in 1996 to Paris. This is sadly not a trip I remember much of. In fact my main memories from this trip involve a late night nosebleed, getting a Celine Dion live album on cassette as a birthday present, playing with a translator that I got from Boots at the airport and seeing the flag of Finland hanging in the hotel lobby.

franceI have been to France since this visit to Paris. This includes a trip to Val D’Isère when I was the same age and  visit to EuroDisney in 2011 that my partner (and now fiancée) bought to celebrate the end of my teacher training.

Which I guess is as good a time as ever to officially mark off this bucket list item:

List Item: Fall in love
Progress: Completed

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