It’s A Puzzlement 3: Solved!

List item: Complete a jigsaw with 1000+ pieces
Progress: Completed

As is with my nature I have become mildly obsessed with this jigsaw puzzle. As I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep I saw rotating pieces, during my job interviews I could not help but think of the puzzle that I had left behind on the dining room table.

One thing that has not been helping is that this puzzle remaining incomplete has meant that Frosti (my piece of crap laptop that struggles when I use both iTunes and Firefox) doesn’t have a place to sit thus making it harder for me to apply for jobs and update my account with my obsessive playing of Nicole Atkins.

Anyway, my obsessive habits aside, this is where the puzzle was left last time I posted:

puzzle2dayHaving completed the 4 world maps there were 4 scenes left which appeared to depict the traditional elements of air (Heaven), water (ships at sea with some weird fish creature), earth (a pastoral scene) and fire (a flaming Cerberus and a war).

So, a few days later (would have been sooner but… job interviews) I have finally been able to complete this 1500 piece puzzle and I really do not want to take this part because of all the time it took. Then again, I enjoyed doing this puzzle and I may end up trying another one in the future.

puzzlecompleteI close this with a video showing the moment that I finished the puzzle.

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