That One Time When My Throat Closed Up

List Item: Ride in an emergency vehicle (police car, ambulance etc)
Status: Completed

Okay, so this is going to be one that I have no ‘proof’ for since being whisked away in an ambulance at 6 in the morning in the way of a photograph but I do have a Facebook status and a story to go with it.

hospitalvisitAs a teacher your voice is incredibly important and during my time as a teacher I have lost my voice multiple times and had to teach entire lessons by giving instructions with a miniature whiteboard and marker pen. The story of me visiting hospital starts two evenings prior after a Year 10 parent’s evening. The whole day my throat had been very sore but I, you know, powered through since it was my job and I could go home and just not talk all evening.

So Parent’s Evening hits which is basically me speaking for two and a half solid hours with a bottle of water as my only means of relief (that and a ‘be back soon’ that I hastily scribbled before sprinting to the bathroom after drinking my aforementioned bottle). By the end of the evening I was, no word of a lie, spitting blood because my throat was so sore and I could barely speak. Like the moron I was packing my bags for the next day thinking it would be fine after a night’s sleep but a two-pronged intervention from my mother and partner led to me taking the next day off sick (which I consequently slept all the way through).

Fast-forward to Wednesday morning and I woke up and I sounded like I had too many marshmallows in my mouth and (I didn’t tell my mum since I didn’t really want to worry her) it was getting hard(ish) to breathe. Then one thing led to another and paramedics couldn’t see a decent air path and I was whisked to hospital where I was disappointed to not be hooked up to a drip (but I did get a big dose of antibiotics and steroids). Turns out that pretty much everything in my throat (tonsils, uvula, glands etc) had swollen up and later I would find out that I had glandular fever. It took the rest of my NQT year to properly get over the resulting fatigue.

So from 22 years of never really being sick to coming down with something in a few months of my first full-time job. I still don’t know where it came from, the only thing I can think of is that a few weeks before a student sneezed on me in a lesson…twice (it was gross). Still, I hope that this is my last time in an emergency vehicle unless it is in a fire engine to show firemen where my future pet cat is stuck.


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